IDL Concepts has partnered with a top software development team to implement and integrate innovative enterprise solutions.



We worked with NVidia team to help them with their SAP Hana XSA implementation. We implemented a solution to pull in data from other systems and provide simplified views to be consumed by mobile and web frontend applications. We also built an application to manage the security permissions to the underlying tables via an innovative table-driven approach for dynamic privileges. We also developed an application to connect to Sharepoint on Microsoft Office 365 and read in Excel data and load the data.

Feedback platform,

HR system

We developed interfaces between the Flashbrand feedback platform and SuccessFactors HR system. We worked extensively with global teams to implement the integration project for CapGemini France to extract all of the relevant employee central master data from their system, transform the data into the Flashbrand schema and load into the Flashbrand database . We built a NodeJS application that is configurable to work with customers’ data extracts to load this master data allowing customers to be on-boarded quickly and efficiently.

Development and


We provided the complete development and integration for the Sephora’s HR, accounting, sales, distribution and material management system. We built integration from the Sephora payment processing for all payment processing including checks, ACH, Domestic and International Wires. We also set up the complete Purchase Order and invoice approval integration via a mobile application.

We developed interfaces to integrate with various banks for Checks, ACH, Domestic and International Wires. We provided complete development support for Sephora from 2006 to 2016.


We are interested in broad technology trends that will usher a new wave of applications in the coming years. Our current focus areas are in IOT, Communications (5G and Distributed Antenna Systems), Biotech, Fintech and Blockchain applications.

Representing the largest

investor network in the world


Linqto is the source for investors and private companies to discover, access, engage and transact investments in private equity.

Designs and manufactures high

quality RF system products


Telewave serves wireless system operators, public safety providers, local and state governments, and federal agencies in the United States and internationally.

Whole home control system,

From anywhere


Synchronize your NuBryte Touchpoint to your smartphone. A seamless pairing that allows you to stay connected anywhere, anytime.

A battery that will change

the planet


KeraCel is the inventor of a revolutionary new battery that has double the energy, and half the cost for equivalent energy, of today’s best lithium ion batteries.

Clinical stage

biopharmaceutical company


Rezolute is a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company specializing in the development of innovative drug therapies to improve the lives of patients with metabolic and orphan diseases.


Mobile Payments

Over a period of 3 years, we worked with a large number of banks and financial institutions for the adoption of payment tokenization, addressing credit card payments over the internet and on mobile devices. The buy in from financial stakeholders was critical to the adoption of mobile payments on cell phones.


Mobile Payments

A large fragmented market base of banks and FIs scrambling prior to the adoption of mobile payment solutions enabled by Apple and Samsung Pay.

IDL cultivated partnerships to bring multiple parties together and make a smooth transition to the adoption of mobile payment standards.


IDL Concepts has worked with a portfolio of technologies to drive innovation. Here are some examples.

Logistics and Operational Efficiency

IDL invested in a technology catering to optimizing fill rates for chain restaurants, targeting and incentivizing patrons to through customized deals and coupons. We pivoted around the technology and helped create a platform for online deals and incentives that help businesses better manage their inventory by incentivizing their customers and marketing the products at an appropriate time.

Social Media for Enterprise

Working on a technology designed for user management, IDL Concepts realized that it could spawn a new application in management of business profiles on social media. We created to a new market opportunity and the technology was acquired by a leading social network company.

Mapping and Geolocation

IDL acquired a promising technology integrating geolocation and mapping services from the Brigham Young University and re-positioned it to online search services that subsequently was integrated into the mapping APIs of more than 25 companies.


IDL Concepts acquired a promising biotech portfolio and turned it around to incubate APS and develop pre-clinical drugs for oral and GI mucositis, debilitating side effects of chemotherapy and radiation. APS was acquired by IndUS pharma which was subsequently acquired by Pivot Pharmaceuticals.

Encryption and Security

Over a period of 3 years, IDL Concepts worked with a large number of banks and clearing houses for the adoption of a seminal technology addressing credit card payments over the internet. The buy in from financial stakeholders was critical to the adoption of mobile payments on cell phones.

Video Technology

As video technology heats up, IDL Concepts is investing in a full feature time lapse video application and device that allows users to record and create high quality time-lapse and hyperlapse clips effortlessly without compromising on the granularity of the motion.

Power Management

IDL Concepts worked on a battery charging technology, that originated with the University of Illinois, and as part of a technology transfer deal, licensed it to leading cell phone handset manufacturers.


We work with businesses that are technology led and solve a need for their customers. We are agnostic to geographies and have occasionally worked with entrepreneurs and companies in China, Japan, India and Europe. Our current focus includes the following:


We are a big believer in the Internet of Things and connected devices for both Industrial and consumer needs. We have backed companies in home automation, solid state battery technology and distributed antenna systems.


Blockchains are disruptive for tomorrows businesses. We back promising ideas utilizing decentralized distributed ledgers to create transformational applications in Fintech, Enterprise Software, Healthcare, etc.


There’s no doubt that massive consumer facing businesses are being built with AI techniques. We help companies with implementing scalable, high return solutions including natural language processing, machine learning, process automation and other transformative technologies.


As tech creates an impact on almost every facet of our lives, Health and Biotech are will tend to see outsized gains. Though the development cycles are longer, we take a strategic look at therapeutic areas such as oncology and diabetes as well as health diagnostics and analytics.


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